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Photorealistic Product CGI


The Lego Play Book


Inmarsat GX Promo

CGI | Motion | Visual

Hamilton+Kidd is an animation studio based in London. A talented team of artists specialise in motion graphics and CGI, headed up by multi award-winning directors Ben Kidd and Tom Hamilton.

“Straight forward or complex, story or instruction, we translate a multitude of messages into precise and effective visuals, fuelled by our passion to visually communicate.”

Working across broadcast TV, marketing and PR, Hamilton+Kidd provide the visual content that engages the audience and effortlessly delivers the story.

Brand knowledge

We go beyond logos, fonts and colours. We get to the very heart of a brand’s identity and weave it into a visual language that represents the brand at every level.

Artistic Engineering

We design and engineer our solutions. Our work is inherent with subtle detail, connecting the audience and grounding the communication in reality.

Intelligent storytelling

We believe in the power of a good story well told. We translate brand and product messages into a visual narrative that the audience will effortlessly absorb.

Collaborate attitude

We’d like you to feel that we’re part of your team. We firmly believe that open, two-way communication is the fastest way to achieve the best results.

Creative versatility

We produce visual communications for a range of industry sectors and platforms. Our solutions are always tailored to a project’s logistical and budgetary considerations.

Curious Minds

We’re curious by nature: It’s why we do what we do. We thoroughly research, explore and experiment ideas, resulting in credible, original solutions.

Curious for more?

We’re always hungry for the next project to get our teeth into. Call us now and let’s start talking.

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